A Revolução?

abril 26, 2010


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Hedone a micronovel

by Erica Alves

Chapter 1

A much-awaited talk cruising in the wide, baby blue station wagon. A feeling, a splendid sensation of levitude, sweet sighs and drunkish laughter, oh! That marvelous laughter!… which is more of a consequence than a must, the kind that escapes accidentally when we’re distracted, that thrilling, sneaky smile in the corner of your mouth  just delightfully impossible to hold in. Everything smells like flowers, even the acrid smell of the end of a summer day; it turns into the pungent, musky aroma of humidity, the air like a marvelous rich Indian chai, made fresh from the herbs that grow wildly about and spend all day infusing in tiny, microscopic drops of floating water; an herbal breeze brewed by the heat of the tropical sun. The open window let some cool in, and the words just floated out of their mouths, simply conjured by chance and whatever may relate to chance.

Chapter 2

“It’s so bizarre to notice how life changes. These decisions we make that seem so regular, so natural at the time, lead into a range of happenings over which we hardly have control. To think that I might have chosen not to visit, I might not have become such a dreamer.”

Chapter 3

Flashes of moments together, sudden secret chuckles. Blush.  A look at the time. A feeling of easy, slow relief. Deeper and deeper relief.

Chapter 4

It’s so wonderful –  this feeling of unattached attachment. To actually live the stoicism mankind has always dreamed of. To absorb all the pleasure and not question its signals, not question the impulses. Yes. This is it. It’s good to always remember that this the way to handle falling in love. Seize the moment! I’m still independent from him. This is how happiness is and should feel like…

Chapter 5



Chapter 6

we all know that the real good thing is just helplessly giving in completely, simply letting yourself fall lightly into the soothing warming arms of absolute comfort, sinking slowly into an awe-some nap, soaking-wet in ecstasy… you know, just waking up, going out to “do-whatever-ya-gotta-do” and running back home into the capsule, just living off of being together; feeding off this ever-embracing mana…  Now, that’s the real good thing.



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